Milk & Roses is a small illustration studio based in Sheffield, UK mostly creating colourful designs on paper goods. Designs are created me,  ( Laura 👋🏻 ) I'm a lover of colour and playful designs. Alot of my work is created in procreate which is always started from from an original sketch. But sometimes theres nothing better than getting the paints out. 🎨

After years working as a makeup artist, I found my love for drawing and painting again during lockdown. And it started from there, wanting to do more. You will still find me on the makeup brushes, mostly on cool weddings around Sheffield. To see that work visit my instagram www.instagram.com/craft_makeup_

Im about to set up a website for freelance work, so if you would like me to design anything for you or your brand.  Please get in touch :)


Milk & Roses was set up by me and my sister Beth who shared a love for home interiors and great products. After a few years of selling some amazing brands, we decided to concentrate on creating our own products and doing what we really love to do. Plus other factors like Brexit and cost of living crisis....Blah Blah Blah but we won't go into that, its boring 🤪

Beth still loves a hammer and power tool, who originally set up Milk & Roses by creating bespoke furniture pieces.